Service & Repair

Quality data can be directly correlated to the condition of your monitoring equipment. Instrument check-up, characterization, and certification by a factory-authorized service center are recommended on a regular basis to help ensure data accuracy and maximize the instrument’s usable life.

Fondriest Environmental offers excellent turnaround times and low service costs on EXO, 6-Series, 556, Professional Series, and all other YSI water quality instruments.

YSI Instruments

Meter and Sonde Tune Up

  • Seal Inspection & Cleaning

    Seals are cleaned of any contamination that may cause leakage. Damaged or missing o-rings are replaced.

  • Cable Inspection & Testing

    The cable is subject to a vigorous flex test to check for shorts. Connector and ports are cleaned of any moisture and corrosion.

  • Sensor Reconditioning & Calibration

    Sensors are reconditioned and calibrated so they are ready for use. New DO membranes are installed with fresh electrolyte solution.

  • Circuit Board Performance & Upgrade

    Circuit board performance is verified using a resistor box. Software is upgraded to the latest version.

View pricing and a description of services provided in our Services Brochure

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Sending Instruments in for Service

When sending YSI instruments in for service, please complete the Service Request Form and include with your shipment.

Download Service Request Form

Upon receipt of the instrument, repair technicians will perform a free evaluation and send a detailed evaluation report and price quote via email to the point of contact.

Repairs are based on customer feedback and are performed only after approval is received. All repaired instruments are returned with a Calibration Report to confirm that system parameters meet factory specifications.

Call our Service & Repair Department at (888) 426-2151 or email for more information.

* Instrument Tune Up Service for YSI 6-Series and EXO sondes

Trade In and Save: Trade in any old meter and get $150 off a new ProDSS or Pro Plus

Instrument Trade In

Trade in any old meter and get $150 off a new ProDSS or Pro Plus multi-parameter meter.

Request a quote to see what discount you could receive on new instruments.

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**Trade In values vary according to new instrument purchased.