Thermo Orion AQUAfast AQ3170 Chlorine Colorimeter

The AQUAfast AQ3170 chlorine colorimeter offers a number of features designed to improve user experience, including a large, backlit display, a real-time clock and automatic data logging.


  • Convenient scroll-driven menu system
  • 16 point internal data storage with date/time stamp
  • Waterproof design (IP67)
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The Thermo Scientific Orion AQUAfast AQ3170 colorimeter kit measures free and total chlorine in the range of 0.02 to 2.00 mg/L, or 0.1 to 8.00 mg/L with short pathlength vial (included). Measuring free and total chlorine using the DPD method, the AQ3170 colorimeter and included reagents assist with EPA drinking water measurement requirements. The colorimeter’s Interference Filter uniquely narrows (targets) the bandwidth, creating accurate and reproducible readings. The included sample vials also help reduce preparation time by utilizing lid-attached light shields instead of a cumbersome sample chamber cover.

The meter kit includes a field carrying case, sample vials with light-shielding caps, a vial cleaning brush, 100 each of AQUAfast AC4P71 Free Chlorine and AC4P72 Total Chlorine powder reagent packets and batteries. The meter carries a CE certification and a two year warranty.

  • (1) AQUAfast AQ3170 free & total chlorine colorimeter
  • (1) Field carrying case
  • (1) Set of sample vials with light-shielding caps
  • (1) Vial cleaning brush
  • (100) AQUAfast AC4P71 free chlorine powder reagent packets
  • (100) AQUAfast AC4P72 total chlorine powder reagent packets
  • (1) Set of batteries
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Thermo Orion AQUAfast AQ3170 Chlorine Colorimeter
Orion AQUAfast AQ3170 free & total chlorine colorimeter
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