Enhanced Free-Floating Sensors Join Argo Network In Indian Ocean

By on July 14, 2015

Average chlorophyll in the Indian ocean, taken from satellite. (Credit: CSIRO)

Scientists with Australia’s Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organization launched new floating sensors in July that join the Argo network collecting data on the Indian Ocean, according to The Guardian. The new sensors can dive down to 2,000 meters deep, besting older sensors.

With their enhanced diving abilities, scientists say the free-floating devices will help them measure previously unattainable metrics of the ocean’s quality at deeper depths. These include measurements of chlorophyll, phytoplankton and carbon uptake.

Since the sensors have recently been deployed, their first measurements helped scientists make sure they were in good working order. As time goes on and more data are collected, researchers say they will then begin to look at the measurements in more scientific ways.

Top image: Average chlorophyll in the Indian ocean, taken from satellite. (Credit: CSIRO)

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