Farmer-invented automated soil sampler reduces human error

By on December 30, 2013
Soil profile (Credit: NRCS)

Soil profile (Credit: NRCS)

A North Carolina farmer has developed a mobile soil sampling system with virtually no risk of human error, Southeast Farm Press reported.

Allan Baucom, a grain and cotton farmer with more than 6,000 acres around Monroe, N.C., built the automated soil sampler to keep up with his expanding agricultural operations — and growing variety of soil types. Named “the Falcon”, the sampler can take up to 12 samples and once, and store 200 before being unloaded.

Two Falcons currently exist: one works Baucom’s farm, while the other operates on farms around the country to ensure the sampler’s efficiency in different environments. The sampler is expected to be made available soon, and will host new features, such as computer-interfaced electronic system for use with a laptop or tablet.

Image: Soil profile (Credit: NRCS)

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