Fondriest Environmental offering instant savings on equipment for the new field season

By on April 3, 2015

Getting ready for the upcoming field season? The Environmental Monitor’s publisher, Fondriest Environmental, has a special spring promotion on equipment from a few of the industry’s top brands. Customers will get instant savings on their order when they buy eligible products from YSI, Hach, In-Situ, Laser Technology and YOUNG. Each product will earn between $25 and $100 in savings on the entire order.

There are 80 products in the promotion for measuring weather, water quality and more. Here are a few highlights that we’ve covered in the Environmental Monitor over the past few years.

YSI ProDSS Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter

Because of its state-of-the-art features and rugged construction, YSI’s new ProDSS handheld is one of the most advanced instruments available for water quality spot sampling and profiling studies on the market today. YSI launched the new ProDSS handheld in fall 2014 and it is a major leap for meter technology, with enhancements including an auto-corrected depth measurement, integrated GPS, color display and a long-life rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

YSI EcoSense Handheld Meters

YSI recently released updated versions of the economical EcoSense handheld environmental testing devices that edge the EcoSense line closer to high-end handhelds. The update resulted from an aging product and feedback from the people who used the original versions every day, said YSI Product Manager Laura St. Pierre. “We were just trying the make it a better field tool,” she said.

YSI pHotoFlex Colorimeters

YSI’s new pHotoFlex line aims to bring waterproof, multi-parameter colorimeters to users testing on-site or in the lab. … The YSI 900 and YSI 910 provide users a quick and simple way to test for chlorine and COD, respectively. COD, or chemical oxygen demand, is commonly used to measure the amount of organic compounds in water.

Hach DR 900 Multi-Parameter Handheld Colorimeter

For wastewater professionals and scientists studying changes in water chemistry, the Hach DR900 is a handheld colorimeter with streamlined features, rugged construction and value that are hard to match. Commonly used in small lab settings and mobile applications, the Hach DR900 beats similar devices on the market by making things a little more intuitive.

Hach 2100Q Portable Turbidity Meter

The Hach 2100Q turbidity meter offers simple calibration and data transfer in a highly portable package. Those and other features make it a quality choice for monitoring professionals. … The Hach 2100Q also comes with an improved optical system which compensates for color and light fluctuation in samples. The enhancement accounts for variation that could hinder reading quality under changing site conditions.

RM Young 81000 Ultrasonic Anemometer

The RM Young 81000 Ultrasonic Anemometer is a high-quality 3-axis wind sensor with no moving parts. It is perfectly suited for applications requiring fast response, high resolution and three dimensional wind measurements. … The sensor measures wind speed based on the time of flight of sonic pulses between pairs of transducers. The 81000 also measures the speed of sound, an intriguing parameter of its own.

In-Situ smarTROLL MP Handheld Water Quality Meter

In an age of connectivity, now even water quality technicians can tap and swipe their Apple devices while taking spot samples in the field. … In-Situ’s new smarTROLL water quality sampling system delivers that functionality. It combines a dissolved oxygen sensor or multi-parameter sonde with an Apple iPad, iPod or iPhone to create a handheld sampling system.

Laser Technology TruPulse Rangefinders

Look into the eyepiece, aim and shoot. That’s all it takes to get quick easy measurements with the Laser Technology TruPulse Laser Rangefinders. … The TruPulse 200 measures distance,  inclination and height. The TruPulse 360 adds azimuth measurements, or a horizontal angle relative to a target, with a built-in compass.  The 360 can also measure the distance, inclination and azimuth between two remote objects.

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