Giant invasive African land snails found in Florida

By on April 25, 2013
African land snail (Credit: Sonel.SA, via Wikimedia Commons)

Giant invasive snails found in Florida are a major threat to crops in the state, according to National Geographic.

The African land snails are native to Nigeria, but enter the U.S. when travelers bring them in as pets. Once here, the snails are unknowingly transported in plants or cargo around the nation. Florida’s climate is an ideal match for the snail, as is its food. The Florida Department of Agriculture says the snails eat almost every crop plant that grows in the state.

Experts say the snails are very prolific, noting each one can grow to full maturity within six months, lay up to a hundred eggs per month and lives almost eight years.

Image: African land snail (Credit: Sonel.SA, via Wikimedia Commons)

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