Grand Valley State Vessel Aids Water Quality Research

By on December 11, 2015
water quality research

The research vessel D. J. Angus. (Credit: Michigan Sea Grant)

The Grand Valley State University research vessel D. J. Angus has supported many visitors over the years, according to the Michigan State University Extension. Among them has been educators, students and members of the general public looking to learn more about water quality.

On one recent excursion, in September 2015, the research vessel whisked Michigan State Extension officials around parts of Lake Michigan, the Grand River and Spring Lake. Along the way, the passengers learned about invasive species like quagga mussels as well as some steps to take to prevent their spread.

Those onboard also sampled for water clarity, sediments, bottom-dwelling invertebrates, dissolved oxygen, temperature and plankton. Water quality in the Grand River and other nearby waterways had seemingly improved since previous sampling efforts, the crew noted. But they are working to remain vigilant in the face of oncoming threats to the waterways, from such nasty invasives like Asian carp.

Top image: The research vessel D. J. Angus. (Credit: Michigan Sea Grant)

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