Hexagonal wind tunnel recreates tornado vortices

By on June 16, 2014
The tunnel's main chamber (Credit: WindEEE Research Institute)

The tunnel's main chamber (Credit: WindEEE Research Institute)

Researchers at a Canadian university have built a hexagonal wind tunnel capable of accurately simulating tornado vortices, Global News reported.

Created by Western University’s Wind, Engineering, Energy and Environment Research Institute, the facility features a 25-meter dome equipped with 106 fans that can produce wind speeds up to 225 kph, or about 140 mph. Model terrain and cities can be placed in the dome to simulate tornado damage.

The facility will also be used to study wind farming, a method of energy acquisition that is rising in popularity across the globe. Researchers hope to find a way to reduce turbine noise and improve power output.

Image: The tunnel’s main chamber (Credit: WindEEE Research Institute)

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