Iowa water quality improvement projects move forward despite setbacks

By on January 9, 2014
Lakes and Reservoirs news

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is working to improve water quality in Rice and Silver Lakes, according to the Globe Gazette. While the Rice Lake project is moving forward well, the Silver Lake project experienced a major setback when common carp were found in its waters.

This discovery will halt progress for a year, as Silver Lake will be drained and treated with a fish toxicant. Iowa DNR expects to treat Rice Lake with fish toxicants to fend off rising black bullhead populations. This will likely take place around the same time as Silver Lake’s treatment.

Both lakes have been fitted with water-control structures so they can be drawn down and filled as needed for water quality improvements. Businesses that rely on the lakes for tourism, as well as local fishermen, want the levels to go back up but understand the need to address water quality.

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