Large Algal Bloom Detected In Monterey Bay

By on June 11, 2015

Scientists are looking into large algal blooms off California's coast. (Credit: NOAA)

Scientists at the University of California, Santa Cruz, have discovered a large algal bloom occurring in California’s Monterey Bay, according to a release. They say the bloom is one of the largest they’ve seen, noting its size next to others that are currently occurring along the U.S. West Coast.

The bloom was discovered after weekly sampling of water and mussels near Monterey Bay and the Santa Cruz Wharf conducted by the university and other area organizations. Researchers are particularly interested in toxins the algae may release and are using devices deployed on ocean moorings, called Environmental Sample Processors, to study them.

The ESPs can detect algal cells, as well as the toxins associated with them, and transmit their findings to researchers every hour. Also utilized in the work are robotic gliders that profile from the surface to 200 meters deep in the bay.

Top image: Scientists are looking into large algal blooms off California’s coast. (Credit: NOAA)

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