Michigan State’s new water science network takes aim at big problems

By on April 3, 2015

Michigan State University sign on campus. (Credit: Branislav Odrasik)

Michigan State University has established a new water science network with aims to improve access to clean, safe water around the world, according to a release. The network launch is the next step following the creation of the school’s Center for Water Sciences less than a decade ago.

The new network will bring together faculty and researchers with expertise that can be used to tackle the world’s water problems. And those leading it look to shift the focus of academic works to uncover findings that will help drive more sustainable and safe aquatic ecosystems.

The school has more than 100 faculty who often conduct research in areas like microbial resistance, fish population dynamics and antibiotics.

“Our goal is to build working relationships among faculty, facilitate joint research grants, and promote MSU as a center of excellence in water,” said Steve Pueppke, associate vice president of research and graduate studies, in the release. “By joining forces to tackle big challenges, such as access to water, we will make a greater impact.”

Top image: Michigan State University sign on campus. (Credit: Branislav Odrasik)

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