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By on January 11, 2022
The NexSens Knowledge Base dashboard and advanced search make finding specific information easier than ever (NexSens Technology)

NexSens Technology has worked for over two decades to simplify complex environmental data acquisition systems. The core components of these systems have always been the development of data loggers, configuration and data management software, and simplified sensor integrations.

NexSens is excited to bring a new dimension to another critical aspect of real-time environmental monitoring: environmental sensors and data acquisition documentation through the revamped online Knowledge Base.

The Knowledge Base serves as a living library, featuring the most thorough information, start-up instructions, integration guides, and other documentation available for NexSens systems and products. This information is integrated in order to make it easier than ever to reduce the complexity of system configuration. The Knowledge Base’s searchable, easy-to-follow guides allow users to get up and running, collect data, and exercise best maintenance practices.

Expanded Content, Improved Functionality

NexSens has long maintained a Knowledge Base that many users are likely familiar with. With its complete redesign and new and improved content and features, users will find the new Knowledge Base to be a comprehensive upgrade.

Since the initial release of the X2 logging platform, NexSens’ list of supported sensors both from NexSens and from third-party manufacturers has expanded significantly. The list includes
instruments from leading vendors such as YSI, Seametrics, Nortek, Sea-Bird Scientific, Eureka, TriOS and Sequoia Scientific.

nexsens knowledge base

The NexSens Knowledge Base drop-down search menu. (NexSens Technology)

In addition to an aesthetic overhaul of the Knowledge Base dashboard, NexSens has improved its content cataloging. An enhanced search bar in the main menu allows users to search the entire Knowledge Base for products and services or filter to target specific results by the following categories:

  • Data Buoys – NexSens CB-Series platforms
  • Data Loggers – NexSens X2 and other logging platforms including legacy loggers
  • Sensors – Both NexSens and third-party sensors commonly integrated
  • Software – WQData LIVE Web Datacenter plus configuration software like CONNECT 
  • Accessories – Sensor mounts, buoy hardware, extension cables and other components

Below the search bar are icons for each category, which can be clicked in order to view individual products within that category.

The product icons can be further expanded to show links for available information such as:

  • Datasheets, Bid Specs, Drawing Sets, Quick Start Guides and Integration Instructions available in PDF format.
  • FAQs with common questions and brief answers often with links to expanded articles.
  • User Guides structured as a series of instructional articles, with option to download into a print-friendly PDF format.

As a living library, the Knowledge Base is continually expanded to remain up to date on the latest in environmental monitoring technology. NexSens Applications Engineers continuously develop the most relevant content in “real time” while remaining available for the personalized support NexSens customers have come to expect.

Explore the new Knowledge Base at

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