Orion Dual Star: Multi-Parameter Lab Meter

By on August 18, 2009

The new Thermo Orion DUAL STAR Meter is now available. It is ideal for measuring from two different samples at the same time or reading two different measurement parameters simultaneously from one sample. The DUAL STAR makes it quicker and easier for wastewater laboratories to measure pH and ammonia levels quickly and for food processing facilities to measure pH and sodium levels concurrently.

The DUAL STAR has the capability to save up to 10 methods per channel, making repeated routine testing more convenient. Individual points of the calibration slope can be edited, minimizing errors, and the calibration graph with slope can be viewed on-screen. The meter interface works well for beginners and experienced users alike.

Features of the Orion DUAL STAR meter include:

  • Two individual BNC inputs with two separate ATC inputs
  • Dual channel with simultaneous displayed measurements
  • Low concentration range reading stability
  • Known addition and subtraction incremental methods
  • EZ Startup for quick and easy meter setup
  • Meter prompts and shortcut keys for quick access to programs
  • Save up to 10 methods with calibration sets per channel
  • 1,000-point data logging with time and date stamping

For more information on the Thermo Orion DUAL STAR Meter, please call 888.426.2151 or email customercare@fondriest.com.

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