Return Of Algae Spurs Study Of Michigan’s Torch Lake

By on October 15, 2015

Algae growth around Torch Lake. (Courtesy of Three Lakes Association)

After a second year of unexplained algal blooms on Michigan’s Torch Lake, the water body will soon come under scrutiny from scientists at Michigan State University, according to the Traverse City Record-Eagle. Residents living around the lake are interested in finding what changes have brought the new blooms.

As researchers with Michigan State explain to the newspaper, algae growth typically depends on conditions like light, temperature and nutrient levels. And so those are where they plan to start their investigation into the issue.

Some water sampling efforts have already begun. These were led by volunteers who collected samples over the summer. Those have been turned over to the Michigan State researchers who are analyzing them to determine if nutrient loads have gone up. From there, the investigation will continue until the cause of the blooms is identified.

Top image: Algae growth around Torch Lake. (Courtesy of Three Lakes Association)

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