Satellite telemetry data logger transmits almost anywhere on Earth

By on August 16, 2010

Dayton, OH, July 3, 2009NexSens Technology has announced the release of the 6100-iSIC Satellite Telemetry Data Logger. This wireless telemetry system features an integrated Iridium satellite telemetry modem for remote applications where radio and cellular telemetry options are not feasible.

NexSens 6100-iSIC Iridium Satellite Telemetry Data LoggerThe design of the Iridium satellite network allows data to be routed anywhere in the world. When a 6100-iSIC transmits data, it connects to the satellite overhead, and data is relayed throughout the network to the appropriate Internet gateway.

NexSens iChart Software is a Windows-based program for interfacing remotely to a 6100-iSIC satellite data logger or network of data loggers. When connected, the user can quickly configure sample and log intervals, upload data, or troubleshoot communications.

Both the data logger and Iridium satellite telemetry modem are housed in a rugged, NEMA 4X enclosure constructed of heavy-duty fiberglass. The built-in 8.5 amp-hour sealed lead acid battery provides 12 volt power to the system, and the battery can be continuously charged using AC or solar power.

The iSIC line of data loggers were designed specifically for remote environmental monitoring applications and offer superior data acquisition performance in extreme conditions. The iSIC data logger delivers unmatched sensor interface and data collection with options for landline phone, cellular, radio, Ethernet, WiFi, and satellite telemetry.

About NexSens Technology: Recognizing the need for real-time environmental data, NexSens Technology, Inc was started in 1999 and is quickly becoming the preferred supplier for environmental researchers. The company’s unique focus on water quality and weather sensors gives researchers valuable system features and capabilities not found in generic data logging equipment.

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