Sealite SL70 3 Nautical Mile Solar Marine Light

By on March 1, 2012

The reliable and compact SL70 3 Nautical Mile Solar Marine Light boasts Sealite’s most advanced marine lantern on the market.

The SL70 flash patterns are user-adjustable without the need for external devices. Up to 256 IALA recommended flash characteristics are available with  four intensity settings.

Featuring six ultra-high intensity LEDs and an Omnidirectional LED reflector, the SL70 has dual high-performance multicrystalline solar modules angled to obtain maximum sunlight capture. This allows the unit to ‘track the sun’ year-round, even in low sunlight conditions. LED life expectancy is greater than 100,000 hours use.

The SL70’s lens and base are constructed from UV-stabilized LEXAN polycarbonate; the base meets the large industry standard 200mm OD pattern for ease of installation. A permanent ON/OFF switch is also incorporated for easy storage. In regions where additional autonomy is required, an optional battery pack with a larger 16A can be supplied to extend operational life.

The SL70 is rated IP68 waterproof and has a full three-year warranty to ensure a lasting and useful product life. It is compliant with requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard in 33 CFR part 66.

Color options available include yellow, red, white and green.

For additional information about the Sealite SL70 3 Nautical Mile Solar Marine Light, please call 888.426.2151 or email

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