Trident ROV Builds On Success Of OpenROV

By on August 9, 2016

Trident ROV. (Credit: OpenROV)

Following up on the success of their first remotely operated vehicle (ROV), the folks at OpenROV have launched a new platform. Called the Trident ROV, the craft has been streamlined to make it usable in any situation. And unlike the OpenROV, those interested in a Trident can get one fully assembled.

Before the Trident ROV could run, the OpenROV had to walk. We talk a little about how the first-gen device, as well as the company behind it, got up and going here. It’s a great crowdfunding story — more than 3,000 OpenROV kits were sold, and the company secured venture capital funding to help it expand.

Compared to the OpenROV, the Trident ROV is a far more advanced platform for diving and exploration. The price that the company is offering for it — $850 — is also pretty out there (low) when compared to competing remotely operated vehicles that can cost thousands.

The new ROV can dive down to 100 meters and can move through the water as quickly as an olympic swimmer, almost 4.5 miles per hour. It also features bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable battery life up to three hours.

The device’s makers have already seen the utility that its predecessor offered to users, including citizen scientists, students, teachers and actual trained oceanographers. One of the goals with the Trident ROV is to build on that success, while continuing to spur interest into studying the world’s oceans.

Since the Trident is not capable of exploring the deepest waters of the ocean, and doesn’t feature sophisticated sensors for tracking conductivity, temperature or depth, the biggest advantage that it offers may be its promise as an educational tool. It can easily be used in nearshore operations where science can come alive for youngsters who take it for a spin.

Top image: Trident ROV. (Credit: OpenROV)

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