Underwater Video Shows Coral Researchers In Action Near Philippines

By on June 8, 2016

Measuring groundwater in a Philippines coral reef. (Credit: University of Texas)

We cover a lot of coral reef science on this website, but very rarely do we get a firsthand look at some of the underwater research in action. Thanks to a few scientists from the University of Texas who took cameras with them during a scuba dive, we can change that.

In the video posted to YouTube, researchers with the university’s School of Geosciences dive to coral reefs off the coast of the Philippines and then start gathering measurements to study their surrounding groundwater. To do that, they use probes that track conductivity, temperature and depth.

The scuba-diving scientists manually deploy the probes throughout the video, moving them as needed to get good coverage of the reef area. In addition to dissecting the reefs’ groundwater, the probes may help study gas exchange surrounding them.

According to the video’s description, sand in the area is so hot at times that touching it can result in burns.

Top image: Measuring groundwater in a Philippines coral reef. (Credit: University of Texas)

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