Underwater data logger a rugged solution for remote monitoring

By on August 16, 2010

Dayton, OH, March 20, 2009 — New from NexSens Technology, the SDL500 is a rugged, self-powered remote data logging system housed in an impact-resistant, submersible PVC enclosure. The underwater data logger is designed for deploying environmental sensors in streams, rivers, wetlands, coastal waters, sewers, and culverts without fear of accidental flooding.

Common sensor connections include multi-parameter sondes, water quality sensors, temperature strings, Doppler velocity meters, water level sensors, rain gauges, and weather stations. The SDL500 can be powered autonomously by eight D-cell alkaline batteries. Optional solar power kits provide long-term continuous operation and solar charging.

The housing is constructed of impact-resistant PVC and includes two elastomer bumpers for long-term deployment in close-fitting pipes and buoy ports. The waterproof SDL500 data logger withstands extreme wave action, drops, floods, periodic & long-term deployment underwater, and more.

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An environmental engineer at a Midwest power utility witnessed just how rugged these underwater data loggers are:

“I watched as a large tree floated down river. It grabbed our buoy and pulled it underwater. I thought it was gone,” he said. “A mile downstream, the buoy popped up and began transmitting data. This buoy and data logger continues to provide river dissolved oxygen and temperature data today.”

The SDL500 data logger incorporates the same analog and digital interfaces as the popular NexSens iSIC data loggers. User-supplied sensor cable assemblies can also be connectorized and tested at the factory for SDL500 integration.

About NexSens Technology – Recognizing the need for real-time environmental data, NexSens Technology, Inc was started in 1999 and is quickly becoming the preferred supplier for environmental researchers. The company’s unique focus on water quality and weather sensors gives researchers valuable system features and capabilities not found in generic data logging equipment.

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