Water consumption app takes top spot at design competition

By on February 6, 2015

In light of ongoing drought conditions in California, a mobile app detailing water consumption beat out other entries in a University of Oregon design competition, according to a release from the school. The designers took home an $8,000 cash prize.

Fourteen teams entered the competition and spent months designing products, apps and other gadgets in chase of the top spot. But the water consumption app took the cake in the competition that looked to create meaningful and market-relevant concepts.

Some of the features that brought the app a win include its integrated system for managing water consumption that relies on customer bill payments. This option helps users save water by making a connection between using less water and saving money.

The app coordinates with a sensor that attaches to building water lines to record water usage of different plumbing appliances. This allows users to see how much water is used per shower, sink or toilet in a building, while the app logs daily and monthly breakdowns of water use so that it’s easier to manage water usage.

Top image: A water consumption mobile app won in a University of Oregon design competition. (Credit: University of Oregon)

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