Wisconsin Boy Scouts to monitor Little Lake Wissota

By on October 23, 2013

Wisconsin’s Little Lake Wissota has been placed on the EPA’s list of impaired waters due to  excess nutrients, according to the Leader-Telegram. To aid in its recovery, five local boy scout troops have signed up to monitor the lake’s water quality for the next five years.

Their monitoring will test whether initiatives put in place by local leaders have been effective over the long term. These initiatives include runoff ponds, newly planted trees and buffer strips that should aid in reducing the nutrient load that makes it into the lake’s waters. The scouts will measure water clarity, temperature and collect samples for lab analysis.

The Little Lake Wissota Stewardship Project has supported many initiatives tol help improve the lake’s health. It’s backed by landowners, Chippewa County (which the lake resides in) and local business owners.

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