YSI amplified pH and pH/ORP sensors offer increased signal strength

By on March 29, 2011

YSI has released a series of new amplified pH and combination pH/ORP sensors, which are now available from Fondriest Environmental. The upgraded sensors come in models for the YSI 556 and Pro Series handheld instruments. They are slightly longer than the standard sensors in order to accommodate an internal, battery-powered pre-amplifier.

The pre-amplified units are ideal for situations in which the signal from the sensor could otherwise degrade before reaching the meter. For example, they are useful when using a longer cable length, sampling in extremely cold waters, or working in high static environments. The internal battery that powers the amplifier can last longer than two and a half years if sensors are used and stored properly.

The new models include the 5564A and 5565A for 556 meters and the 1001A and 1003A for Pro Series instruments. Simply append an “A” to the non-amplified model number.

The amped sensors can be purchased as standalone units or in a kit that includes an adapter for connecting the sensors to 556 and Pro Series cable bulkheads. The adapter stays on the bulkhead; simply attach a probe guard or cal cup to the adapter instead of directly to the bulkhead. The adapter kit is not necessary on the Pro Plus Quatro cable.

Pro10 or Pro1030 Pro Series cables with stainless steel probe guards will begin shipping with a longer guard starting in May. However, cables ordered before this time will require separate purchase of the longer probe guard for use with the new sensors.

To learn more, contact a Fondriest Environmental product specialist at 888.426.2151 or customercare@fondriest.com.

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