Australian researchers basing UAV design on water snake

By on February 7, 2014
Water snake (Credit: Wibble_Roisin, via Flickr)

Water snake (Credit: Wibble_Roisin, via Flickr)

Researchers from the University Adelaide in South Australia are working to build an unmanned aquatic vehicle in the form of a sea snake, according to a release from the university.

Sea snakes evolved from terrestrial snakes. They have a flatter body and paddle shaped tail and travel through the water by wriggling their bodies side to side.

Mechanical engineering students from the University of Adelaide are studying how the snake flexes its vertebrae to swim through the water. The water snake UAV will mimic this motion to propel itself through the water.

The team hopes to create a less invasive robot that will not require a propeller. They also hope to make it more maneuverable than many other UAVs.

Image: Water snake (Credit:  Wibble_Roisin, via Flickr)

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