Articles By Austen Verrilli

A sampling crew progresses along a Great Lakes coastal wetland (Credit: Matthew Cooper)
Water snake (Credit: Wibble_Roisin, via Flickr)
Yellow perch (Credit: USDA, via Wikimedia commons)
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Nescopeck State Park, near where the camp takes place (Credit: Nicholas_T, via Flickr)
The project will deploy the K-Rex rover (Credit: Lorenzo Fluckiger/NASA)
Susquehanna River (Credit: Nicholas A. Tonelli, via Flickr)
Mississippi River in Hastings, Minnesota (Credit: Michael Hicks, via Wikimedia Commons)
Rivers & Streams news
Long Island Sound (Credit: Doc Searls, via Wikimedia Commons)
The restored shoreline near the Indian River Power Plant (Credit: Cardno ENTRIX)
Great white shark (Credit: Terry Gross, via Wikimedia Commons)
A DISCOVER-AQ ground site operated by Penn State at Porterville, Calif. (Credit: Doug Martins/Penn State)
Stonefly nymph (Credit: Dave Huth, via Flickr)
The Jason ROV (Credit: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
San Francisco Bay estuary (Credit: NASA, via Wikimedia Commons)
The In Situ Ichthyoplankton Imaging System, or ISIIS, towed behind a research vessel (Credit: University of Miami)
Alberta tar sands (Credit: Howl Arts Collective, via Flickr)