About Emma N. Jones

Emma N. Jones is a Graphic Designer who received her A.A.B. in Design from The Modern College of Design (2020). Emma has been working full-time at Fondriest Environmental since November 2020. As the Graphic Designer, she is in charge of designing graphics for a wide variety of projects across the company. Some of these projects include creating quick-start guide illustrations, designing the Environmental Monitor magazine and updating website designs for the company. In addition to design work, Emma leads the Naturalist Team, whose mission is to preserve the local ecosystem and biodiversity at the Fondriest Center for Environmental Studies. Additionally, the Naturalist Team identifies and documents species of flora and fauna. Emma photographs different species, equipment deployments and events at the field station. She also assists the Environmental Science Team with equipment maintenance as well as writing and presenting during events. In her free time, Emma enjoys birding/wildlife photography, video games and hanging out with her family, friends and cat.