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Kevin spent five years earning his PhD studying aquatic ecosystems and now works at the interface of science, policy, and education. When not working, Kevin enjoys anything that gets him outdoors.

Articles By Kevin Rose

A field mesocosm experiment where DOM effects on coastal production were studied. (Credit: Kristina Viklund, Umeå Marine Sciences Centre)
Lake Erie algal bloom 2011 (Credit: Ohio Sea Grant)
Technology News
Chris Appleby and Rob Merrilees in the NIWA research vessel in transit to a Blue Lake sampling station (Credit: Mark Gall)
Lake George (Credit: Hgjudd, via Wikimedia Commons)
A 1697 woodcut of the Griffon (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Great Lakes ship (Credit: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Great Lakes National Program)
Flooding in India (Credit: Miramurphy, via Wikimedia Commons)
Juvenile Red-veined darter dragonfly (Credit: Alvesgaspar, via Wikimedia Commons)
St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River (Credit: NASA)
Yulong River Valley (Credit: HodgsonB, via Wikimedia Commons)
Lake Atitlan (Credit: Kevin Rose)
Water flows off a farm in Tennessee following a storm (Credit: Tim McCabe/NRCS)
Lakes and Reservoirs news
Lakes and Reservoirs news
A Lake Michigan beach in Chicago (Credit: Chris Hamby, via Flickr)
A mountaintop removal mine in Kentucky (Credit: Jake McClendon, via Flickr)