Better Understanding Of River Water Usage Needed

By on September 30, 2015

The Wabash River. (Credit: Huw Williams)

A new study shows the importance of understanding how American river water is used, according to a Purdue University press release. University scientists used Indiana’s Wabash River in their study.

They discovered that nearly almost all of the water that enters the river is removed during the summer and then refilled via water from power plants and wastewater treatment centers. The scientists conclude that reusing wastewater during the river’s low peak times may be harmful because it denies the river water to replenish its stores.

The researchers say the unavailability of river data through a centralized medium is a major obstacle to comprehending river water usage. The study’s findings are pertinent for drought preparation and adaptation. The scientists plan to expand their research to a larger watershed and recommend better organization of river data.

Top image: The Wabash River. (Credit: Huw Williams)

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