Articles By Charity Smalls

3d printers
Amazon rainforest. (Credit: Neil Palmer / Center for International Forestry Research via Creative Commons 2.0)
Land Evolution Observatory hillslope (Credit: Paul M. Ingram/Biosphere 2)
elephant seals
carbon dioxide
Far northern section of the Great Barrier Reef (Credit: NASA)
Prickly pear cactus. (Credit: Public Domain)
Coral Reef (Credit: NOAA)
Guinea Pig. (Credit: Public Domain)
Researchers have found that many substances used in fracking fluids have been linked to reproductive and developmental health problems. (Credit: Pat Lynch / Yale University)
Researchers have found that kangaroos produce methane as part of their digestive process. (Credit: A. Munn / University of Wollongong)
Mass changes over Antarctica from 2003-2008. (Credit: Jay Zwally / Journal of Glaciology)
Piling a human-made snowdrift in the breeding habitat of the ringed seal in Lake Saimaa, Finland. (Credit: Mervi Kunnasranta)
A new study suggests that a magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquake is likely in the Los Angeles area in the next few years. (Credit: JPL)
Boreal forest fire from 2007. (Credit: Colocho/CC BY-SA 3.0)
Rain forest. (Credit: rosinakaiser/CC0 Public Domain)