Blue crab report finds catches increase for September

By on September 30, 2013

Blue crab (Credit: Chuck Grimmett, vie Flickr)

Connecticut crab catches have been up in September and reports of many young crabs in western Connecticut lend to a good outlook for the coming year, according to the Blue Crab Blog.

Dredging in the Connecticut River created an ideal habitat for crabs by clearing debris from the river bottom.  Matt Ogburn, writer of the Blue Crab Blog, said many crabs were spotted in deep pockets in the channel off the Essex Conn. town dock where water is more saline.  He said crabs are especially dense there during low tides.

Water temperatures are warm for September.  Ogburn said if the warm water keeps up crabs may molt before winter. Megalops, or infant larval crabs, will likely hibernate within a month.

Image: Blue crab (Credit: Chuck Grimmett, via Flickr)

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