Calif. agencies launch website to conserve water in Coachella Valley

By on October 25, 2013

Development in the Coachella Valley (Credit: Ilpo's Sojourn, via Wikimedia Commons)

Water agencies in California’s Coachella Valley have launched a website to make it easier for residents to manage their water usage, according to The Desert Sun. The website went live on Oct. 19 and gives tips on reducing water use.

The site presents information about conservation programs that the area’s water agencies support. Those programs include consumer rebates for those who install water-efficient products in their homes, free irrigation controllers and cash incentives for removing lawns.

Water managers say the site is a launching pad for those interested in taking concrete steps to conserve water. Making due with less water may become more important in the Coachella Valley, as levels in the aquifer running beneath it have declined significantly in recent years.

Image: Development in the Coachella Valley (Credit: Ilpo’s Sojourn, via Wikimedia Commons)

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