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NOAA’s CAFE Database Determines Fates Of Toxic Chemical Spills, Ecosystem Impacts

When an industrial accident results in a chemical or oil spill, respondents race against time to clean the mess up. But with nearly any spill, a certain level of environmental contamination is to be expected. The more the responders know about the properties of the spilled material, the better they can mitigate damage to local flora and fauna. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a new piece of software to the public that provides information about the fate of spilled toxic materials and what animal species might be affected. The Chemical Aquatic Fate and Effects (CAFE) database contains entries on more than 35,000 toxic materials, including oils and dispersants, industrial chemicals and pesticides.

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Inland Lake Monitoring

Chapter Overview: Lake Management Types of Lakes Limnological Concerns A Real-Time Solution Typical Inland Lake Monitoring System Monitoring Location Data Management Quality Assurance Recommended Equipment Why Monitoring Matters Lakes and ponds of any size are complex ecosystems with numerous inputs and outputs that can impact water quality in subtle or drastic ways. Whether the lake is man-made, with a focus on recreational fishing and watersport, or a habitat naturally formed from ancient glacial or tectonic activity, understanding the hydrological parameters that contribute to a lake’s health is important for proper management.

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Top 5 Lures For Catching Summertime Bass In Natural Lakes

The dog days of summer have arrived. The warm water temps can provide some awesome fishing at times, simply because fish have to eat to keep up with their metabolisms. In the north, many areas are rich in natural lakes with lots of fishing opportunity. A wide variety of lures and techniques are effective but five really stand out at putting the most fish in the boat for me. Topwater The pure enjoyment of a bass erupting on the surface for a topwater lure makes throwing one worthwhile. But at the same time, they can be really effective, especially during the low-light periods of morning and evening. When fishing open water, poppers and spook-style baits are what I reach for most. Generally, I'm fishing over feeding areas in 10 feet of water or less.

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New Tech Aids Lake Erie Sturgeon Tracking

Efforts to study prehistoric sturgeon in Lake Erie are underway in Buffalo Harbor, according to the Buffalo News . The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are involved in the work that centers on tracking the fish known as “living fossils.” Key questions that biologists are investigating include sturgeon population changes, migration patterns and life cycle habits. They are also interested in locating the fish’s prime spawning sites in the lake. To track the fish, around three dozen acoustic telemeters have been placed along the bottom of Buffalo Harbor, as well as other tracking equipment in the Buffalo and Niagara Rivers. Additional telemeters have been placed across Lake Erie all the way to the Canadian shoreline.

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