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Malfunction Sends Montana Space Grant On Chase To Recover Lost Weather Balloon

Following the test launch of a weather balloon to get ready for a nationwide project to study the upcoming 2017 solar eclipse, officials at the Montana Space Grant Consortium learned that what goes up doesn’t always come down. Sometimes, what goes up stays airborne for 32 hours and travels more than 1,100 miles before crash landing on an island in Lake Winnipeg. Berk Knighton, flight director at the space grant, says that the test balloon launch began like many others have. But there was one exception, as the satellite modem typically used was swapped out for a newer model shortly before launch from Big Timber, Montana.

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Stream and River Monitoring

Chapter Overview: Stream and River Management Common Concerns Streamflow Measurements A Real-Time Solution Typical River Monitoring System Monitoring Location Data Management Quality Assurance Recommended Equipment Why Monitoring Matters Without water, no life could exist, and many essential and nonessential human activities wouldn’t be possible without the use of healthy watersheds. These same activities can impact watersheds, in ways both large and small. Watersheds often span political and cultural boundaries; while neighbors separated by city, state or national borders may not live under the same legal and cultural guidelines as one another, both could be citizens of the same watershed.

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Climate Change Shifting Fish Reproduction Timing In Southern California Current

New research looking into the reproduction cycles of fish living in the Southern California Current has found that both climate change and natural climate variability are affecting when fish reproduce. The work has implications for fisheries officials who must adjust their management regimes to keep up. Rebecca Asch, a postdoctoral researcher at Princeton University, started the analysis while a graduate student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. She relied on the California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI) database in the work. “They have a really good data set in that ecosystem that stretches back to 1951. There’s just so few regions of the world where you have that,” said Asch.

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Lake Erie Algae Bloom Moves Into Central Basin

The Microcystis cyanobacteria bloom centralized around Lake Erie’s western shores has started to spread into its central basin, according to a bulletin released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Southwesterly winds pushed the bloom northward along Michigan’s coast, the bulletin reads. From there, it began to extend into the central basin at a point halfway between Cleveland and Rondeau, Ontario. The development comes as scientists around the lake are concerned that forecasts for this summer’s bloom may have underestimated its severity. Unexpected amounts of rainfall in June and July have washed more phosphorus into the lake than had been forecasted. With this year’s bloom set to peak in early September, the next few weeks will be telling.

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