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Managing Soil Erosion Important Around Construction Sites

On construction sites, project managers sometimes don’t see the value in best management practices that can reduce soil erosion. But that is an important consideration, especially in states like California that have regulations that attempt to prevent the loss of soil. If managers disregard them, they can face hefty fines or work stoppages. Scott Thorne, president of Scott Thorne Environmental Consulting Inc., knows this firsthand, as many of his projects deal with construction-site inspections for water quality. On the job, he and his staff commonly monitor during rain events where there are discharges, keeping tabs on turbidity which is a good indicator of soil loss.

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Flood Warning Systems

Chapter Overview: Flood Warning A Real-Time Solution Streamflow Measurements Typical Flood Warning System Monitoring Location Data Management Quality Assurance Recommended Equipment Why Monitoring Matters While some areas are more prone to flooding than others, the establishment of flood warning systems near any major waterway or body of water provides critical information that can protect property and save lives. Of course, the most effective flood warning methods extend beyond the installation of gages and telemetry equipment, and employ qualified staff and carefully designed procedures to provide the earliest warning about whether a flood should be expected, when it will occur, and how severe it will be.

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SondeCAM Underwater Camera Makes Smallmouth Curious

I always get asked: Is the SondeCAM underwater camera going to spook the fish? That is definitely a legitimate question and one that needed to be tested. Especially since many people have seen just how sensitive fish can be to a bait dropping near them or to movement in the boat. However, I've seen quite the opposite where, instead of scaring away fish, they are often coming right up to the SondeCAM to take a look. Some even go as far as bumping the SondeCAM with their nose. If only they were always that interested in my lures! Regardless, the fact that fish in the immediate vicinity, especially smallmouths, are willing to travel to the underwater camera is a good thing. It makes it much easier when trying to find if they are on that spot or not.

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Cause Of Lake Superior Levels Surge

Between January 2013 and December 2014, water levels in Lake Superior and Lake Michigan-Huron went up at the highest rate ever recorded over a two-year period. The question then was why. There were many hydrological drivers impacting the water bodies at that time, which made it hard to pin down what was causing the high levels. But thanks to some hindsight and the sophisticated models we have today, scientists now know what caused the record level surges. Researchers at the Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab pooled all of the data available and plugged them into statistical models to build estimates of the major inputs and outputs for the two water bodies. These were meant to cover a period from 2005 to 2014.

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