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Study Charts Climate Change’s Effects On Andes Forests, Finding Shifts, Diebacks

Even casual readers of climate change literature are familiar with some of the emblematic species that are suffering from it: polar bears, corals, sea birds and many types of fish. But not many people think of mountain trees. As Kenneth Feeley, associate professor of biology at Florida International University explains, there are many species being affected in the Andes mountains that deserve more attention. Using paint, packing tape, calipers, rangefinders, wood samples and complex statistical equations to estimate the rates of growth, mortality and recruitment of Andes trees, Feeley and his collaborators have found that highland tree species are dying back from their former ranges while lowland trees are filling in the gaps.

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Stream and River Monitoring

Chapter Overview: Stream and River Management Common Concerns Streamflow Measurements A Real-Time Solution Typical River Monitoring System Monitoring Location Data Management Quality Assurance Recommended Equipment Why Monitoring Matters Without water, no life could exist, and many essential and nonessential human activities wouldn’t be possible without the use of healthy watersheds. These same activities can impact watersheds, in ways both large and small. Watersheds often span political and cultural boundaries; while neighbors separated by city, state or national borders may not live under the same legal and cultural guidelines as one another, both could be citizens of the same watershed.

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Weekend Wrap-Up: Bassmaster Elites, FLW Winners Hit Milestone Achievements

Faircloth Claims St. Clair Victory; Martens Wins Angler Of The Year The 2015 Plano Bassmaster Elite at Lake St. Clair netted Todd Faircloth of Jasper, Texas, his fifth B.A.S.S. victory. And at the end of the fourth day, Aaron Martens had scored enough points to lock up the Toyota Angler of the Year title. Much of the story for Faircloth centers on him continuing to improve his daily weights throughout the tournament to eventually clinch the win. He focused on smallmouth bass from Bell’s Hump, a portion of Lake St. Clair near Canada. “I wasn’t really fishing a specific spot, rather it was an expansive area that had all the right components to continue producing 20-pound bags each day,” Faircloth told B.A.S.S.

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Underground Lakes Hold Promise Of Discovery

Some of the purest water on Earth is said to be held by lakes located hundreds of feet beneath Wind Cave National Park, according to the Associated Press . But far beyond their purity, scientists with the University of Akron and the National Park Service are interested in them for another reason: They may hold the key to developing the next life-saving antibiotic. Given how secluded they are, these water bodies located far beneath the Black Hills in South Dakota hold no large aquatic lifeforms like fish or frogs. There aren’t even any insects down there. Instead, these lakes hold mostly bacteria that have to duke it out to survive in the extreme environment, scientists say.

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