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Mapping Wastewater Treatment Systems In Linn County, Iowa

Homeowners that don’t have the ability to connect to a municipal sewer system typically use some other form of wastewater treatment system on site. Placing such systems isn’t the easiest thing to do and has been the source of many a headache for installers and inspectors. In the past, the placements of these systems were drawn out using pencil, paper and stencils. As is pretty clear, those methods aren’t the most accurate way to do it. Officials with the Linn County Public Health Department in Iowa realized the waste in time and resources that was going toward those outdated efforts and have streamlined their operations by using GPS receiver technology for quicker and more accurate placements.

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Flood Warning Systems

Chapter Overview: Flood Warning A Real-Time Solution Streamflow Measurements Typical Flood Warning System Monitoring Location Data Management Quality Assurance Recommended Equipment Why Monitoring Matters While some areas are more prone to flooding than others, the establishment of flood warning systems near any major waterway or body of water provides critical information that can protect property and save lives. Of course, the most effective flood warning methods extend beyond the installation of gages and telemetry equipment, and employ qualified staff and carefully designed procedures to provide the earliest warning about whether a flood should be expected, when it will occur, and how severe it will be.

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Some Fish Fins Can Sense Touch Like Fingers

As humans, we have fingers and toes that tell us all sorts of information about the environments that surround us. Even the smallest touches can let us know what’s hard, soft, warm or cold. Oddly enough, some fish out there use pectoral fins in pretty much the same way. And scientists at the University of Chicago have found how they do it. The ability, researchers say, is remarkably similar in biological form to the ones that make it possible for humans to sense through touch. Figuring that out not only sheds light on the evolutionary biology of touch, but it might also someday inspire new advances in the design of underwater robotic platforms that need to know where they’re going. The U.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Of Small Lakes

Despite their small footprint throughout Earth’s landscape, small lakes and ponds have an outsized role in the production of greenhouse gases, according to new research from scientists at Yale University. Their work focused on the amounts of methane and carbon dioxide that the smaller bodies of water can generate. Full results of the investigation are published in the journal Nature Geoscience . In the article, researchers at the university detail their efforts to quantify just how much greenhouse gases the smaller bodies are emitting when compared to their larger counterparts. Previously collected data on the number of lakes and ponds globally were used as a starting point.

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