Dutch Smog Free Tower Cleans Up Air Pollution

By on October 5, 2015
The Smog Free Tower. (Courtesy of Studio Roosegaarde)

The Smog Free Tower. (Courtesy of Studio Roosegaarde)

Giving a new meaning to the words “fresh air,” the Dutch have introduced a Smog Free Tower that actually cleans the air in any outdoor environment where it is placed, according to Grist. The first such tower is currently sitting in a park in Rotterdam, sucking polluted air in its top and sending clean air out its bottom.

The key to the technology is positive ionization, its creators say. Particles that are 10 micrometers in diameter can be inhaled by humans and harm their respiratory systems. When the tower sucks in particles under 15 micrometers, it positively ionizes them, attracting them to a grounded counter electrode in the chamber and keeping them from leaving the tower.

The cleaned air, free of the 15-micrometer and smaller particles, then passes out the bottom and back into the environment. The process is powered by wind energy and does not produce ozone. The Smog Free Tower can produce a million cubic feet of cleaned air in an hour. Running for a day, the tower can clean the air in a small neighborhood.

Top image: The Smog Free Tower. (Courtesy of Studio Roosegaarde)

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