About Lori Balster

Lori Balster is a writer, consultant, and nature enthusiast based in Dayton, OH. Lori has also worked as a research chemist at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Articles By Lori Balster

A student examines Phaeocystsis globosa under a microscope
The CMC team conducting benthic macroinvertebrate monitoring at a small stream near Berkeley Springs, WV
Buoy in western Lake Erie for harmful algal bloom monitoring and research, July 29, 2015
Dr. Andréa Grottoli snorkeling
group of graduate students learning about remote sensing technology
Researchers installing tree sensors
Light during the polar night in Svalbard, including light from the sun below the horizon, moonlight, aurora borealis, and artificial light
Jen Bowman, Ohio University, measures discharge in Hewett Fork an acid mine drainage impacted stream in the Raccoon Creek Watershed. The water is brown and orange due to acid mine drainage
biodiversity in a eucalyptus forest
Coral the has been bleached due to pollution and global climate change (marine cold spells)
Picture of the Amazon rainforest from space. The discolored areas are agricultural areas or the result of deforestation and wildfire damages
carbon budget
poás volcano
buoy camera
shifting rivers
microplastics and corals
snow survey
aquatic connectivity