Hach 2100Q turbidity meter gives simple measurements on the go

By on May 3, 2013

The Hach 2100Q turbidity meter offers simple calibration and data transfer in a highly portable package. Those and other features make it a quality choice for monitoring professionals.

“The meter has on-screen, guided calibration and verification, allowing anyone to perform a calibration or verification with confidence,” said Layton Hill, product manager at Hach.

Calibration time is reduced on the meter through RapidCal, a software improvement that allows a single standard to be used for reading turbidity values up to 40 NTU. Hill says the calibration can be quickly done in the field if needed.

Through feedback, Hill and others learned that many customers were unsure when to take turbidity readings. So they set out to make the measuring process easier.

“Customers told us that they weren’t sure when to take a turbidity reading, particularly with rapidly settling samples,” said Hill. “So we developed an algorithm that monitors the settlement over time and provides a single, accurate measurement, without any guesswork.”

The algorithm is related to the Rapidly Settling Turbidity mode on the sensor, which Hill says lets a user take just one measurement instead of multiple ones required from other similar devices.

The Hach 2100Q also comes with an improved optical system which compensates for color and light fluctuation in samples. The enhancement accounts for variation that could hinder reading quality under changing site conditions.

“The two-detector optical system allows for ratio measurement that improves accuracy in the higher turbidity ranges,” said Hill.

Up to 500 measurements are automatically stored in the 2100Q for simplified access and backup, adding to convenience over the long term.

“The design is portable and rugged, allowing for years of reliable use in harsh environments,” said Hill.

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