Hach DR900 handheld colorimeter is simple, versatile and field-ready

By on August 11, 2014

Hach DR900 handheld colorimeter

For wastewater professionals and scientists studying changes in water chemistry, the Hach DR900 is a handheld colorimeter with streamlined features, rugged construction and value that are hard to match.

Commonly used in small lab settings and mobile applications, the Hach DR900 beats similar devices on the market by making things a little more intuitive.

“Many competitive products require a method number to be entered into the instrument before each test,” said Thomas Siller, product manager at Hach Company. “The DR900 has all of the methods pre-programmed into the instrument.”

So after turning the DR900 on to take a measurement, users can simply scroll down the method list and select a parameter. From there, they follow parameter-specific method instructions and the DR900 displays the reaction time needed for measuring. Hitting the “Read” button displays results.

If a user is testing the same parameter on a regular basis, it can be saved for quicker measurements in the future and then accessed in just three short clicks. And the little meter has quite a range: It can track up to 90 different parameters.

Other features adding to the user experience include a large, backlit display, waterproof mini-USB interface and memory capacity of up to 500 data sets.

“But the best feature of the DR900 is the ruggedness of the instrument,” said Siller. “When testing out in the elements, anything can happen to an analytical instrument.” With an IP67 rating, the DR900 is drop-proof, waterproof and dust-proof. The peace of mind that goes along with that is critical, Siller says.

Rounding out the Hach DR900 are accessories like sample cells and USB cords. Data can be imported into common computer programs like Microsoft Excel. Maintenance concerns are minimal and the colorimeter comes fully calibrated and ready for use.

“Many competitors have rugged instruments or single or limited-parameter instruments available,” said Siller. “Only the DR900 combines the parameter capability and testing simplicity in a robust, field-ready instrument.”

Top image: Hach DR900 handheld colorimeter

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