Hach DREL Water Quality Labs brings office research to the field

By on May 28, 2013
Hach DREL Water Quality

For monitoring pros, the Hach DREL Water Quality labs bring office research to the field. The kits, which come in three models, contain most essentials for analytical testing on location.

Available kits include the DREL 2800 Industrial, DREL 2800 Complete and DREL 2800/HQ40D/2100Q Complete Water Quality labs.

“The different kits provide customers a variety of options depending on their application needs,” said Melissa Voronin, business unit manager with Hach. “Customers should select the right kit for them depending on the parameters they intend to run.”

Multiple accessories are available on the labs, including the Hach DR 2800 spectrophotometer, a device that analyzes reflective qualities of water. Voronin says it’s one of Hach’s most popular portable products. It can be used for more than 240 analytical methods with Hach tests that are made ready to use. The DR 2800 runs on battery or external power and can accommodate different cell sizes and sample delivery methods.

“This system provides the flexibility of remote monitoring to users interested in utilizing a spectrophotometer,” said Voronin. “It also lets them conduct a wide variety of tests in harsh or challenging environments when getting to a lab isn’t feasible.”

Another option is the Hach 2100Q turbidity meter, which is easy to calibrate and also highly portable. It comes with an improved optical system and software improvements that make turbidity readings simpler.

The water quality labs are powered by a lithium ion battery and come in a rugged, blue plastic case molded to fit. Voronin says the case provides high protection from damage and is very easy to clean. Extra convenience is added with pre-measured and pre-packaged reagents.

But the biggest advantage of the kits may be their wide application. “It’s very flexible,” said Voronin. “You can perform a wide variety of tests in any environment, no matter how challenging.”

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