Huron River Watershed Council to host stonefly search

By on January 20, 2014

Stonefly nymph (Credit: Dave Huth, via Flickr)

The Huron River Watershed Council will host its annual stonefly search on Jan. 25 to help judge the health of the Huron River and its tributaries, according to an announcement from the watershed council.

Stoneflies are an indicator species. The presence of stonefly nymphs under rocks shows that a stream is healthy enough to support larger fish.

This year the group expects about 150 volunteers will gather to search for stoneflies in icy streams. Only group leaders and experienced collectors will don hip waders to romp through the cold waters. They will examine about 30 locations for stoneflies.

Young stoneflies grow and develop during the winter months when predators are slow or hibernating.

Interested volunteers can register on the Huron River Watershed Council’s website.

Image: Stonefly nymph (Credit: Dave Huth, via Flickr)

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