Lapka brings personal sensor suite to iPhone

By on August 16, 2012

Lapka, an electronics manufacturer, has developed a set of sensors for personal environmental monitoring that plug in to a smartphone.

The design incorporates four separate sensors that attach to Apple products like the iPhone and iPad. A free application allows the devices to sync with the smart phone and deliver data on one’s surroundings.

Each sensor monitors a different parameter of the environment. The most hotly discussed sensor monitors nitrates in food. Nitrates are commonly used in fertilizers. Inserting the sensor’s steel probe into a piece of food measure how organic it is.

Other sensors measure local radioactivity, electromagnetic fields, temperature and humidity.

Lapka packaged all four sensors in a sleek, clean design with bright white plastic and wood inlays reminiscent of the Apple products with which it will correspond. The package will cost around $220 and should be available in December, according to Fast Company.

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