Long Island Sound Study to be updated for 2014

By on January 24, 2014

Long Island Sound (Credit: Doc Searls, via Wikimedia Commons)

Researchers have been working on the Long Island Sound Study for more than 30 years and they plan to update their core management plan for 2014, according to a newsletter for the study.

The program started in 1985 through a partnership between the New York and Connecticut Environmental Protection Agency.  In 1994 the group created a comprehensive conservation and management plan to start restoring the sound.

Many state and local partners have assisted in treating issues afflicting the sound, such as low dissolved oxygen, toxic contamination, debris, habitat management and land use.

Years of monitoring and research have helped researchers learn new information about the sound, which will impact how the EPA updates the plan.  Recent issues such as sea level rise and Super Storm Sandy will contribute to conservation planning.

Image: Long Island Sound (Credit: Doc Searls, via Wikimedia Commons)

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