Many Finger Lakes lack algae testing

By on October 3, 2013

Several of New York's Finger Lakes (Credit: NASA)

New York State environmental agencies lack timely testing for algae in some of the state’s largest Finger Lakes, according to the Ithaca Journal.

Environmental officials received a $750,000 grant to test for blue green algae in New York lakes. They left the largest 11 Finger Lakes out of the study, as they could not verify if algae blooms ever occurred in them.  Lakeside residents beg to differ.

Water conditions are generally cool in the healthy lakes, keeping them safer from algae blooms.

Lately that may not be enough. Climate conditions can make the lakes warm and stagnant. Quagga mussels consume blue green algae’s competitors. Residents near Seneca Lake saw an algae bloom occur in late July and through August.

Image: Several of New York’s Finger Lakes (Credit: NASA)

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