Ongoing Research, Education At Thomas More College Biology Field Station

By on June 9, 2016
Thomas More

Thomas More College's Biology Field Station. (Credit: Thomas More College)

The Environmental Monitor has covered the research efforts that take place at Thomas More College’s Biology Field Station before. And it is nearly impossible to cover all the works going on there, but a recent release gives a good overview of some of the ongoing science education efforts taking place.

For example, the field station hosts 35 to 49 undergraduate students from around the United States at any given time to help with research or outreach. Every summer, the station offers 12 paid internships for student scientists to take part in Ohio River sampling and monitoring, freshwater mussel studies and fish rearing.

Through the fall and spring, Thomas More College students help to manage field trips with visiting elementary and high school institutions. The daylong excursions educate youngsters on the biodiversity and ecology of the Ohio River in a hands-on way.

A webinar detailing the K-12 education efforts is posted on YouTube.

Top image: Thomas More College’s Biology Field Station. (Credit: Thomas More College)

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