All-In-One Rain Alert System: G2-RAIN

By on October 3, 2016
NexSens G2-RAIN rain alert system

The NexSens G2-RAIN Alert System. (Credit: NexSens Technology)

Rain data are some of the most basic measurements that environmental scientists collect. But ensuring quality data collection can be much less straightforward. This is because most rain alert systems out there simply don’t have the durability or features that pros need, despite high price tags.

The NexSens G2-RAIN Alert System stands out as an exception. It is an all-in-one tipping bucket rain gauge and data logger built for easy setup, remote accessibility and simple data management.

Let’s start with its construction that provides for easy deployment, but also durability over the long term. At its base, the G2-RAIN is typically attached to an aluminum mounting pole with 2-inch NPT threads. This pole can easily be set in concrete to ensure a sturdy, level support that stands up to whatever storm conditions pass over. The stability eliminates the issue of false rain gauge tips.

“It can be used in flood alert systems, construction site monitoring as well as stormwater applications,” said Kevin Stevens, product manager at NexSens Technology. “It’s a complete product. Just stick it on a pole and walk away. Flip the switch and let it run.”

Much of that flexibility is thanks to the NexSens data logger at the heart of the rain alert system. It’s powered from a battery boasting a 4-year life, or an optional solar power pack, and is equipped with a Verizon 3G cellular modem that permits real-time data transmission from anywhere there is cell coverage.

rain alert system

Alerts are sent when rain levels exceed user-defined thresholds.

All data are then sent to a secure WQData LIVE web datacenter where project managers can view and share readings instantly. And if there’s a need for more monitoring sites, these can be easily added to the datacenter to create a network of rain alert systems.

That continuous connection is one of the things that environmental pros will really appreciate about the G2-RAIN.

“The device is configured from the web. You can reconfigure and change settings right from the web without having to go out to the site,” said Stevens. “There’s also a quick overview of all your sites and it’s easy to see the system status from a quick glance.”

The web datacenter service also supports rainfall notifications in real time and can be configured to alert when levels hit a user-defined threshold. All sites and data are viewable through any internet browser. Measurements can also be viewed on tablets and smartphones through the mobile version of WQData LIVE and can be instantly downloaded or graphed.

That’s more than other rain alert systems on the market can boast. Stevens notes the G2-RAIN consistently beats competitors on price, design and usability. And the WQData LIVE web datacenter is far and away the best out there.

“There are very few similar competitors,” said Stevens. “The others are loggers that you have to configure yourself and they’re more costly to set up and maintain.”

NexSens Technology will host and manage each web datacenter for customers. Depending on project needs, portions of the G2-RAIN Alert System, including just its data logger and base, may be purchased separately. And a number of accessories are available to suit most projects.

Top image: The NexSens G2-RAIN Alert System. (Credit: NexSens Technology)

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