Solinst AquaVent: High Performance And Minimal Maintenance

By on August 5, 2016
solinst aquavent vented water level logger

Solinst AquaVent Vented Water Level Logger

Environmental professionals looking for a robust and reliable way to measure water level don’t have to look much farther than the Solinst AquaVent. Solinst recently released the vented water level logger with a host of solid features, including a durable housing, hydrophobic filters and desiccants that minimize maintenance and batteries that are a breeze to replace.

Its housing is an ultra-durable mix of different materials including delrin, viton and stainless steel. The sensor itself is made of hastelloy, a superalloy that is highly resistant to corrosion.

“(It’s) built and designed with the same durability as the renowned Solinst Levelogger series,” said Chris Batt, sales manager at Solinst. The outside protection makes sense for the watertight construction that the company is working to achieve inside the loggers.

A big issue that users of vented water level loggers commonly encounter is keeping the vent tubes dry. These tubes, which compensate for barometric pressure and make actual level measurements possible, need to be clear of any water to make sure data coming through are reliable. To solve that issue for the new AquaVent, Batt and others at the company have streamlined a thorough process that make sure things arrive completely dry — and stay that way.

solinst aquavent vented water level logger

Solinst AquaVent Vented Water Level Logger

Before the AquaVent vented cables are shipped, the vent tubes are blown dry with nitrogen gas, and capped. This ensures the vent tubes are dry when the product is received. From there, AquaVent loggers and Wellheads both feature smart designs that ensure moisture doesn’t enter the vent tube.

AquaVent Wellheads and loggers contain multiple built-in desiccants and have permanent hydrophobic filters. This protects the internal electronics in the Wellhead and the logger, while still allowing air to flow through the tube.

“The hydrophobic filters and permanent desiccant provide minimum user maintenance and maximum moisture protection,” said Batt, pointing out that they are some of his favorite features. But he also favors the construction of the cables themselves, which have a polyurethane jacket, stainless connectors and are customizable in 1-foot increments all the way up to 500.

“Hydrophobic membranes eliminate moisture ingress through the Aquavent data logger or Wellhead,” said Batt. “Additionally, dust caps are provided for when the AquaVent is removed from site and placed into storage once the vented cable is unconnected.”

This drive for minimal maintenance is further complemented by user-replaceable, 1.5-volt lithium batteries that can last up to 8 years. The water level loggers also feature a lifetime calibration to ensure accurate data over the long term. And each comes with a 3-year warranty just in case.

Solinst AquaVent Vented Water Level Loggers and AquaVent Wellheads are also compatible with third-party data collection systems. The loggers can interface via MODBUS, RS-232, RS-485 and SDI-12.

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