Tighter ozone regulations draws mixed reactions

By on December 3, 2014

A recent review of ground-level ozone standards is escalating the conflict between citizen activist groups who want stricter regulations and industrial groups that fear unbearable increase in costs, according to a recent story in The Christian Science Monitor.

The federal air quality standard may be tightened in the next few weeks, according to Chemical & Engineering News. Environmental groups and public health experts support tougher regulations of ground-level ozone. Others, such as the National Association of Manufacturers, say it would damage industries trying to lead a struggling economy to recovery, as the tighter standard may cost up to $2.2 trillion to implement.

Ground-level ozone has been implicated in many widespread health afflictions such as low birth weight, heart problems, short-term memory loss, decreased lung function and airway inflammation. Studies have shown ground-level ozone can have deleterious effects on health at levels as low as 70 ppb.

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