Two new research vessels bound for Arctic and Atlantic oceans

By on January 20, 2015

Oceanographers have two new research vessels to help them to study the ocean in-depth, according to a report from Live Science. Both the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the U.S. National Science Foundation commissioned research ships to sail the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, respectively. Scientists are focused on the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans because they say these two oceans majorly influence Earth’s climate.

Both ships allow researchers from different fields to combine their research efforts. The NSF’s R/V Sikuliaq, has already begun sailing the Arctic. The ship is engineered to collect samples from the ocean’s floor and can transmit its results in real time.

WHOI’s R/V Neil Armstrong is under construction. The Armstrong will be a multi-purpose ship and is expected to set sail later this year or early 2016.

Top image: The R/V Neil Armstrong during its christening ceremony last spring. (Credit: John F. Williams / U.S. Navy)

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