Unregulated toxins in drinking water systems

By on August 30, 2011

For decades, millions of Americans have been ingesting harmful toxins such as perchlorate, hexavlanet chromium and volatile organic compounds that can lead to serious health problems. There are an estimated 6000 unregulated toxins in municipal drinking water supplies.

The EPA announced plans to begin regulating these potentially harmful compounds. Perchlorate, a chemical found in rocket fuel and explosives may contaminate drinking water sources for between 5 million and 17 million Americans, according to EPA.

Additional regulations are planned for volatile organic compounds, which are often used in industrial applications and shale hydraulic-fracturing operations. The EPA expects it may take up to 2 years to produce regulations on these volatile organic compounds.

They recommend purifying water through reverse osmosis and carbon filtration as effective short-term measure.

Read more at Forbes.com.

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