Watershed monitoring system preserves Ohio warm water habitat

By on April 19, 2008

Shawnee State University was recently involved in a collaborative project to remotely monitor environmental parameters in the Scioto Brush Creek Watershed. Fondriest Environmental worked with the university to design, provide equipment for, and help set up a NexSens watershed monitoring system, using real-time weather and water quality stations. The system interfaces to water quality, water level, and weather monitoring instrumentation, transmitting the data via cellular telemetry to Shawnee State’s campus.

Scioto Brush Creek is recognized by the Ohio EPA as an outstanding warm water habitat and is home to many different fish species and aquatic organisms. Although it is a high-quality stream, non-point source pollution has been threatening the water quality. As a result, many local organizations such as Shawnee State University are working to preserve Creek’s natural habitat.

Complete story: NexSens.com

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