YSI pHotoFlex Colorimeters: Rugged, Waterproof and Reliable

By on March 18, 2013

YSI’s new pHotoFlex line aims to bring waterproof, multiparameter colorimeters to users testing on-site or in the lab.

The newly released pHotoFlex line includes the pH and STD models. Two new single-parameter colorimeters – the 900 and 910 – are also being released.

The YSI 900 and YSI 910 provide users a quick and simple way to test for chlorine and COD, respectively. COD, or chemical oxygen demand, is commonly used to measure the amount of organic compounds in water.

The 900-series models can both be calibrated to meet user-defined testing standards. Each supports data export to Microsoft Excel or text file. It’s also fine to drop them near water, because they float.

“We’re always looking to make our customers’ jobs easier,” said Laura St. Pierre, product manager at YSI. She says the 900-series colorimeters will help with that goal, but the pHotoFlex line may do more because it offers more flexibility.

The line offers testing options for multiple chemicals, powder or solution input and a user-friendly interface. The pHotoFlex colorimeters can measure many common parameters, with testing capacity depending on the chosen model.

The pHotoFlex STD model supports 85 parameters while the pHotoFlex pH supports 138. Both feature a backlit display, data-exporting capability and a 2-year warranty. They each run on 4 AA batteries, powering for 3,000 tests.

“The pHotoFlex pH is the only colorimeter that can compensate for temperature and pH to yield accurate ammonia readings,” said St. Pierre. “Testing with other colorimeters is accurate at 25 degrees Celsius and pH 7, but it gets dicey beyond that.”

The pH model uses a special algorithm for the compensation, and St. Pierre says that and other tweaks make the line worth considering.

The STD stores 100 data sets and the pH tops that at 1,000. Commonly sold in kits, the colorimeters are easy to hold or set on a benchtop. The reagents YSI sells for using the colorimeters are also compatible with any other brand.

“Our reagents come in packs with a notch to make opening easier. Nineteen have usage methods approved by the EPA,” said St. Pierre. “We’ve even beveled the corners to make sure all the reagent comes out.”

The colorimeter kits come with accessories to get users up and running, including buffer bottles, test vials and optional LSdata software to manage data on a PC.

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