Proactive Typhoon 12V Plastic Pump

The Proactive Engineered Plastic Typhoon pump is capable of pumping up to 50 feet from ground level by simply connecting it to a 12V battery.


  • Sleek outside design minimizes well hang-ups
  • Pump can run continuously in water without the need for a cool down
  • 400 hour motor life provides a very economical sampling and purging solution
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The Engineered Plastic Typhoon pump is capable of pumping up to 50 feet from ground level by simply connecting it to a 12-volt battery. Its reliable design is suitable for continuous sampling and purging of groundwater wells.

  • Power Consumption: 120 Watts (max)
  • Volt Recommendation: 12-15V at source
  • Maximum Amp Output: 8 Amps
  • Measurements: 12" length x 1.82" diameter
  • Use With: Optional Low Flow Sampling Controller
  • Required Tubing: 3/8" or 1/2" ID tubing
  • (1) 12V Engineered Plastic Tyhphoon pump with 60' wire lead
  • (1) Set of 12V battery clamps
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Proactive Typhoon 12V Plastic Pump
Typhoon 12V plastic pump with 60' wire lead & battery clamps
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