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From Tallgrass Prairie to Garlic Mustard: Katharine Ordway Natural History Study Area at Macalester College Reveals Environmental Monitoring Surprises

Katharine Ordway enjoyed the tallgrass prairies of Minnesota throughout her life, and when she inherited a substantial fortune, she decided to spend a significant part of it to preserve them. Today, the Katharine Ordway Natural History Study Area is part of her conservation legacy. The mission of Ordway includes four pillars: education, research, sustainability and civic engagement.  Ordway is a living laboratory for students ranging from elementary to college age, available for class field trips, school visits, and community outings. It is also a place where independent researchers, faculty members, undergraduate and graduate students from Macalester and other colleges and universities can do research.

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Diversity Dominates at Mendocino College’s Coastal Field Station

Mendocino College is a 2-yr college in the California Community College system with a great dedication to encouraging its students to pursue science and fieldwork. The area has many diverse and beautiful habitats, including intertidal zones and coastal prairies. “We take pride in our ability to get our students out in the field for hands-on experiential learning activities at our Coastal Field Station ,” says Dr. Steve Cardimona, Professor of Earth Science at Mendocino College and Chair of Mendocino College’s Coastal Field Station Committee. “As we are a Hispanic Serving Institution with a population that is a larger percentage female, many of our students are under-represented in the sciences.” Biology instructor Dr.

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New York City’s Urban Field Station: A Unique Partnership Between Researchers and Natural Resource Managers to Improve the Urban Environment

  While some people might conjure up images of towering skyscrapers or dazzling Broadway shows when they think of New York City, the city is actually about 40 percent green space, with over 11 percent of that being natural areas. City of New York Parks & Recreation (NYC Parks) manages about 10,000 acres of these natural areas, which is about half the size of Manhattan (other major natural area managers in New York City include the National Park Service as well as other City and State agencies). As Erika Svendsen, Research Scientist with the USDA Forest Service expresses it, “Although our acreage does not compare to the national forests and grasslands, we have unique natural areas that are critical habitats for people, plant and wildlife.

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