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Massive Field Scanalyzer Studies Sorghum’s Energy Potential

Feeding all the people on this planet isn’t going to get easier, not with a population projected to explode to 9.22 billion by 2075 according to United Nations’ estimates. But science is trying to find a way. In one example, a consortium of researchers has employed hyperspectral imaging, technology found on satellites, on a massive field scanalyzer built in the Arizona desert. The scanalyzer is in use at the University of Arizona’s Maricopa Agricultural Center (MAC) near Phoenix, mounted on a 30-ton steel gantry and moving along steel rails 200 meters long. It is the world’s largest robotic field scanner to date and its construction allows it to observe the growing patterns of more than an acre of sorghum.

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Flood Warning Systems

Chapter Overview: Flood Warning A Real-Time Solution Streamflow Measurements Typical Flood Warning System Monitoring Location Data Management Quality Assurance Recommended Equipment Why Monitoring Matters While some areas are more prone to flooding than others, the establishment of flood warning systems near any major waterway or body of water provides critical information that can protect property and save lives. Of course, the most effective flood warning methods extend beyond the installation of gages and telemetry equipment, and employ qualified staff and carefully designed procedures to provide the earliest warning about whether a flood should be expected, when it will occur, and how severe it will be.

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Archerfish Study: Fish Recognize Faces

We’ve covered the amazing spitting abilities that archerfish have, as the tiny tropical fish are capable of hitting prey both near and far with water jets that hold the same amount of force . But we can now add to that ability the fact that these fish recognize faces. Researchers at Oxford University made the discovery that marks the first time fish have proved they can discern between human faces. Archerfish used in the study were able to learn and recognize faces with a great deal of accuracy, something that is difficult because of the complex visual recognition at play. Birds are the only other animals shown to be able to recognize human faces. In the study, archerfish were recorded by underwater cameras that logged their actions from below.

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Lake Huron Spawning Grounds

Lake trout, lake whitefish and cisco fish in Lake Huron may have glaciation to thank for their present-day spawning grounds, according to a recent study from U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) scientists. Paleo-ice streams, researchers say, may have formed much of the crucial egg-laying habitat the fish depend on. The ice streams are corridors within ice sheets that move more quickly than surrounding ice. The streams operated sort of like arteries. They cut paths into the ground, dislodging and moving things as they went. To test their involvement with present-day spawning areas, USGS researchers compared trout, whitefish and cisco spawning sites to surface sediments and to the estimated locations of ancient ice streams in what is Lake Huron today.

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