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Remote Mount Desert Rock Marine Field Station a Challenging But Rewarding Haven For Research

  Owned by the College of the Atlantic, the Mount Desert Rock Marine Field Station , a member of the Organization of Biological Field Stations ( OBFS ), is a treeless island with a light tower and buildings that were once inhabited by lighthouse keepers and their families in the 19th century. The island is now the home of the Edward McCormick Blair Marine Research Station , and its surrounding waters are home to humpback whales, fin whales, northern right whales, common dolphins and white-sided dolphins. In summer, College of the Atlantic students can spend the summer on the island, with only one boat coming out to the island per week. “It’s physically, mentally and socially challenging to spend extended time on the island,” says Dr.

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The Mountain Studies Institute: Science on the Animas River

  For around four years, aquatic ecologist Scott Roberts has been at the Mountain Studies Institute (MSI) in Colorado, most recently serving as Water Programs Director. Mr. Roberts recently took the time to speak to EM about the MSI and its programs, starting with community and educational outreach. “We're a not-for-profit, environmental education and research center based in the San Juan Mountains,” explains Mr. Roberts. “We do on the ground environmental research, mine hydrology, water quality monitoring, and forest health monitoring, and try to distill and distribute that information to address specific concerns that arise in the community.

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California’s Marine Pollution Studies Laboratory at Granite Canyon Provides the Latest Research in Environmental Toxicity Monitoring

  Today, the Marine Pollution Studies Laboratory (MPSL) at Granite Canyon is part of The University of California at Davis, a key source of knowledge and continuing research on aquatic toxicology. It was not always so: in its past, the site served a very different function. “It was once a naval installation,” says Bryn Phillips, Research Specialist at Granite Canyon. “It is currently owned by NOAA, but they allow UC Davis to occupy the facility.” Phillips has a deep knowledge of Granite Canyon’s history, having been a Research Specialist there since 1992. He also has a BS degree in zoological sciences from California State at Long Beach and an MS degree in marine sciences from San Jose State University, Moss Landing Marine Labs .

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