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Choosing The Right Thermo Benchtop For Your Project

Thermo Scientific’s Orion Star A line is full of options for completing projects from environmental monitoring to quality control and beyond. These include benchtops like the Orion Versa Star and portables like the Orion Star A329 . Making the right selection is important for ensuring project success, but sometimes choosing a meter can be difficult. To make things a little easier, we talked with Ricki Hartwell, the global product manager for Thermo Scientific’s Orion Laboratory and Field Instruments. She gave some tips to help customers find the best meter to meet their needs. Let’s take a look at her recommendations for benchtops.

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Study Reveals Pollen Particles Impact Cloud Formation

Effects of pollen are largely unexplored when it comes to atmospheric studies because the particles are simply too large. But one team of scientists, driven by curiosity, began researching how smaller pollen particles impact the atmosphere. The research , conducted by scientists from Michigan State University and Texas A&M, revealed that as pollen absorbs moisture, it breaks down into smaller and smaller particles, acting as water collectors. This process is very similar to how clouds form in the atmosphere and further research found that pollen, when exposed to moisture, can produce clouds. To prove their theory, the team used pollen samples from pine, birch, oak, pecan and cedar trees.

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New England Red Tides Predicted Using Onshore, Offshore Methods

Funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this year’s Gulf of Maine red tide forecast predicts red tides for New England in 2015 similar to those it has had in the past few years, according to a recent press release from NOAA headquarters . Researchers from North Carolina State University and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute contributed to the forecast. Although all states with significant commercial shellfish operations monitor their shellfish toxicity, they tend to use onshore sampling methods. NOAA is attempting to establish offshore methods such as robotic environmental sampling processors which would enable near-real-time estimates of shellfish toxicity.

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